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by Owlcrusher

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Defy the feeble preacher
Owlcrusher 11:30
Spoiler 14:53


Apocalyptic, Hateful and Nihilistic Blackened Sludge.


"What gripped me right away about this music is that it plays with both major and minor scales within single chord progressions. Darkness cuts through the light and vice versa. These contrasts make for songwriting rich with tension and release. It's a very deliberate choice, and one that's executed here with tremendously dramatic results."

"But really, Owlcrusher, is a record to be experienced, not described. For those who like their doom turned up to 11 and as nasty, brutish, and heavy as possible, this is not to be missed."

"I'm pretty blown away by this release. It's just so fucking heavy, and sludgy in all the right places, and catchy as fuck at the same time."

"This is doom as crushing realism. No escape, no mercy."

"Clearly a band pushing themselves toward the superlative, Owlcrusher get there much faster than their crawling tones would have you believe. Madness."

"By the end of “Spoiler”, you’re entirely numb, as though you’ve bathed in Novocaine and nihilism."

"This album will haunt your nightmares for days......"

"This is the ultimate in heavy doom, I mean, I really don’t know how you can make doom any heavier."

"But what’s most impressive about Owlcrusher’s debut isn’t its absurd mass, or all the malign nuances within that reveal themselves through repeated listens. What’s most impressive is how addictive it is, this abject punishment they call Owlcrusher."

"Imagine a crushingly hateful mix of Burning Witch, Usnea, Esoteric, Vrtra, Nomadic Rituals, and Charger and you’ll have an idea of what to expect from Owlcrusher.

I must confess that this is precisely the kind of extreme music that I live for. Utterly daemonic and completely engrossing, Owlcrusher are quite simply one of the best doom bands around at the moment."

"A sprawling, funereal affair, it has harsh, distant, blackened vocals from guitarist Andrew Speir and evokes the crushing sorrow of the likes of Warning and low end devastation of Yob. Live, the band are a must-see."

"Simply put, all promises have been fulfilled. For a debut, this obliterates.You need this." 4/5

"With three tracks spread across 45 minutes, each song embraces sprawl and space: the reverb heavy drum tone pounds like the pulse of a leviathan. The low end guitar tone crackles with fuzz, while the bass rumbles so menacingly that, with the right sound system, you may get your guts churning like you’ve just been forced to smoke a whole pack of unfiltered cigarettes – you’ve got the cold sweats, your insides feel poisoned, and you’re probably gonna puke, but god damn it you’re hooked"

"The debut is an intriguing journey that will keep you listening. We hear a mature band with chemistry having spawned from and formerly known as Dwell In Sun. Ultimately Owlcrusher excels in the quality production department a step ahead of former Dwell In the Sun. Doom and metal fans need this one in their collection and in heavy rotation" 8.6/11

"Holy hell, you need to listen to Owlcrusher’s debut right the fuck now—impossibly heavy Northern Irish doom"

"It is nearly three quarters of an hour of torment and spite."

"This is a public service announcement for all underground Doom heads to know that OWLCRUSHER is CVLT Nation’s new fucking new favorite HATE-FILLED DOOM band, and we want to hear way more from them! "

"It will pull you right out of yourself, and slowly sink you into lightless depths of pure catastrophe… but that long fall through viscous, poisonous waters turns out to be mesmerizing as well (and there are riffs in these tracks that are hard to get un-stuck once you hear them)."

"On the release of their monstrous self-titled album, gnarly-ass doom trio Owlcrusher are espousing the merits of crushing feathery fiends of the Strigiforme order. And the lads sure seem like they know their way around compactors, what with the ludicrous weight of their riffs and the oppressive gravity of the atmosphere they conjure across the three gargantuan tracks on the new album. With one hand wielding an early Peaceville iron grip and the other a vice-like strength similar to Spanish doom bands like Hipoxia, Owlcrusher surely will spare no bug-eyed head spinners that get in their grasp"

#6 of the Sour 16

Spawned originally under the moniker DWELL IN SUN in 2008, Northern Ireland's OWLCRUSHER have become a harrowing experience to behold. A claustrophobic pulsating storm of punishing riffs, relentless drums, and deranged demonic vocals coalesce on their self-titled debut in 43 minutes of low-end hate filled and depressive blackened sludge. Drawing from such inspirational wellsprings as mental illness, alcohol abuse, tragedy, and abject existential fear, this Northern Ireland three piece are the terrifying future of the ugliest doom metal has to offer.


released July 18, 2017

Guitar/Vocals-Andrew Spiers
Drums-Damien McKeown
Bass/shouts- Steve Hobson

Recorded and mixed at Start Together Studios Belfast By Niall Doran
Mastered by Brad Boatright at Audioseige
Grim owl skeleton logo (above) designed by Andrew Cunningham
CD and Vinyl Artwork by Adrian Baxter (Coming soon)


all rights reserved



Owlcrusher Banbridge, UK

Three piece playing hateful, rotten, evil sludge since 2008.

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